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Gestion de fondation et de fonds de dotation

Foundation and fonds de dotation growth management

Growth: Grantmaking services - operational and management support for family and private foundations and fonds de dotation.

 “I think it's an on-going process. And it's not just about being able to write a check. It's being able to touch somebody's life.”

Oprah Winfrey

All foundations and philanthropic organizations aim to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the causes they care about. 

Our private and family philanthropy management services are designed to support our clients throughout their philanthropic journey, from creation and strategic planning to effective implementation and evaluation, so you can focus on the heart of your mission.

Gestion de fondation et de fonds de dotation

KV Philanthropy Consulting offers:


  • Landscape scans,

  • Project/programme and beneficiary evaluation and selection, including due diligence,

  • Follow-up, reporting,

  • Charity and strategic partner relationship management

  • General administration

  • HR recruitment and/or management

We can provide governance and management support in the form of:

  • On-boarding new family members as they become more active, 

  • Providing organisational audits of your private or family foundation or fonds de dotation,

  • Help work through transition periods (generational change, organisational change).


A private or family foundation or fonds de dotation is often a long-term project, that will span several generations. 

We understand that you will have specific needs and so our services are tailor-made for each client.

Gestion de fondation et de fonds de dotation

Foundation and endowment fund management

No two foundations are the same, and the reasons behind each structure’s creation are highly personal. Our people-first approach ensures your foundation or fonds de dotation reflects your values, and achieves the social impact you wish to achieve.

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