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Conseil développement philanthropique

Philanthropic Strategic Development Advice

Growth: Advising Philanthropists - strategic philanthropy consulting for private and family foundations and fonds de dotation.

“It is more difficult to give away money than to earn it in the first place.”

Andrew Carnegie

While you may not agree with Andrew Carnegie’s style of philanthropy, he was not wrong. 


Crafting a well-defined grantmaking strategy is the cornerstone of effective philanthropy, and it is not as easy as simply writing a cheque.


KV Philanthropy consulting helps you to develop a comprehensive plan that optimizes your resources and drives tangible results. We will clarify your mission, goals and objectives, but also identify the methodologies that are best suited to ensure you achieve those goals.

Conseil développement philanthropique

Philanthropic development advice


As your strategic philanthropy consultant, we work with you to answer the important questions:

  • What grantmaking approach is best suited to your needs and goals? (There are many ways to structure your donation strategy including: trust-based Philanthropy, Venture Philanthropy, Open Philanthropy, Participatory Grantmaking, Systemic Change Grantmaking, Effective Altruism….)

  • What is your giving timeline? How does that impact your exit strategy?

  • How will you measure your social impact?

  • Is your endowment being invested and/or put to use in accordance with your mission?

Philanthropic development advice


Whether you are just starting out or are looking to review, reposition or grow your foundation or fonds de dotation fund, as new family members come on board, we are committed to guiding you through the philanthropic landscape with expertise, empathy, and dedication. .

Conseil développement philanthropique

Philanthropic development advice and counsel

No two foundations are the same, and the reasons behind each structure’s creation are highly personal. Our people-first approach ensures your foundation or fonds de dotation reflects your values, and achieves the social impact you wish to achieve.

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